• Review the mechanics of the firearm
  • How-to disassemble and clean a firearm
  • How-to safely handle and operate a firearm
  • How-to fire from “bench” position



  • Firing from standing, kneeling, and prone positions (if range permits)
  • Sighting in Firearm
  • Firing a distance of 100 yards or more (if range permits/firearm dictates)



  • Depending on what style of training (tactical, home defense, etc) needed, we will create a

    personalized training package to fit your educational needs

    * Training times will vary depending on range availability


NRA Classes

(National Rifleman’s Association)

  • Basic Pistol or Basic Rifle Certification
    • Price: $150 - $250 (Depending on the number of students in a class)
    • Two hours in a classroom environment and two hours on a range


Range fees, ammo, and targets will be at the client's expense. Bringing your own firearm is recommended but not mandatory. Location will vary on firearm and the distance the firearm will be shot. Prices may be affected by the Loacation of instruction.