Class: Defensive Pistol Shooting

This class covers basic and advanced usage of the Natural Point Aim shooting method - Shooting without aiming down your sites, which is effective to 10 yards. 80% of home entry shootings happen at distances of 10 feet or less. This class will help you handle your firearm confidently in close quarters situations


in this class you will learn:

a. Theory and practice of Natural Point of Aim.
b. Transitioning between targets.
c. How to operate your firearm one handed (in case of injury)
d. How to do speed reloads
e. Clearing malfunctions
f. How to shoot as fast as possible and stay accurate (if range permits)  
g. How to shoot without looking down your sights (point shooti)


class details

Student slots: 1
Ammo: Bought by student
Rec skill level: Beginner
Estimated Length of Class: 3 hours or tell out of ammo
Cost: $300
Available guns: ?Bring your own?

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