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Natural Point of Aim



Firearm Instruction and Safety Training

From rifle to pistol and everything in between we are the leaders in firearm instruction. Our services are unique to each client and all come with the same promise of quality, dedication, and safety. Licensed and insured, our certified and experienced instructors are well versed in firearm safety training and instruction. 


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NPA Firearms Instructors were very knowledgeable and patient during my first time shooting a rifle. I learned a ton of information regarding safety and home defense. I also substantially improved my aim in just a few hours!
— Austin Yao
Even as an experienced rifleman I am always looking to improve my aim. My NPA instructor Joe was able to provide solid feedback on my body posture and sighting, improving my aim and giving me practical ways to practice good shooting habits.
— Tom Diehl


About the Founder

Joseph Paquette has an extensive and dynamic background in firearms. He joined the United States Marine Corp and received comprehensive marksman training. After being honorably discharged he continued pursuing his passion at various firearm shops. Joseph has thirteen certified years of experience and wants to help you find your Natural Point of Aim.

Certifications & Experience

Licensed and insured instructor through the NRA (National Rifleman’s Association)

Certified Range-master - November 2016

Marine Corp Expert Marksman Badge - 2011